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Words, Magic

By Derby Chukwudi We often ignore the possibility of the manifestation of our words. Magic to some people have to do with fairy tales and bedtime stories but magic to me, has everything thing to do with my words. Unwanted situations can be avoided by choosing to say things that will only help our situations and not worsen them. I ... Read More »

Staff Spotlight-Monica Jones

By Derby Chukwudi Jones shares her perspective as a woman in the Workforce            As the new academic year begins, for so many people in this country, the future is not certain, but hope is still in the air. Women have been faced with challenges in different arenas of life and despite their persistence to overcome these challenges, the struggle ... Read More »

Farewell, Dear Friends

  Joshua Don Grooms, ‘18 West Union, Ohio. October 20, 1995 through August 18, 2016 Conor Andrew Sharp, ‘19 Kingsport, TN, October 10, 1997 through November 4, 2016       “May His peace be with you till we meet again Till we reach that distant shore And we’ll shed a tear no more May He give you strength to ... Read More »

General Studies Requirement (GSTR 310) — an Unnecessary Requirement at BC?

Sara Mullins Guest News Writer Berea College Students speak up about General Studies Requirement (GSTR) 310. Understandings of Christianity requirement. Reactions range from offense to outrage to downright fear. Some students had these to say: Eddie Henderson ‘19 (Atheist). “… I think it’s preposterous… I honestly don’t want to learn about Christianity because none of it is real. I would much ... Read More »

Safe Place by Student’s Chaplains

By Derby Chukwudi News Writer BC’s Student Chaplains create a safe place to relax Chill and Chat, and A Place to Pause. These two events are held throughout the week at different times in the Draper and Fairchild building respectively. Berea College has a strong Campus Christian Center which includes its students to help build the spirituality of the ... Read More »

A Place of Comfort: Black Music Ensemble (BME) begins a new academic year with a retreat!

Derby Chukwudi News Writer   On Friday September 9th,The Black Music Ensemble kicked off the academic school year with a welcoming and introductory retreat with old and new members at Presser Hall hosted by BME staff members and President Roelofs. BME is not just another musical ensemble, but one of the diverse groups on campus that provides a place ... Read More »

Humility’s role in love

by Eric Gray, guest columnist      The Bible says–maybe in the Beatitudes–blessed are the meek. When Berea College puts up a sign that says “We Speak Love”, is that a sign of meekness, or are we putting ourselves on a pedestal and looking down at the “evangelists”?      I did not come in contact with any of the ... Read More »

Please do not feed the street preachers

By Willie Dodson      By now the consensus of the Berea College community is clear. No one seems to agree with these Pinpoint evangelists’ style of speech, and the majority are opposed – to varying degrees – to their message. Consequently, the chosen action of most students, faculty and staff has been to ignore and/or avoid our guests. This ... Read More »

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