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Humility’s role in love

by Eric Gray, guest columnist      The Bible says–maybe in the Beatitudes–blessed are the meek. When Berea College puts up a sign that says “We Speak Love”, is that a sign of meekness, or are we putting ourselves on a pedestal and looking down at the “evangelists”?      I did not come in contact with any of the ... Read More »

Please do not feed the street preachers

By Willie Dodson      By now the consensus of the Berea College community is clear. No one seems to agree with these Pinpoint evangelists’ style of speech, and the majority are opposed – to varying degrees – to their message. Consequently, the chosen action of most students, faculty and staff has been to ignore and/or avoid our guests. This ... Read More »

The Pinnacle is going online: Print is dead, but news is not.

By Amanda Crawford      “People still read newspapers?” This is the response I get whenever I tell people I work for the paper. The short answer for this question is yes, but no.      The question that often news people like myself think that you’re asking: “Are people still reading and seeking news”.      However, more often ... Read More »

Buying Alcohol in Berea: Limited legality a possibility

Alcohol sales in Berea may be legalized in limited form if approved by the Berea College Board of Trustees. Boone Tavern Hotel, as a site listed on the National Register of Historic Places, could gain the ability to legally sell alcoholic beverages. This very issue was put to a vote one year ago by the East Berea Precinct, whose members ... Read More »

VAWA should have passed the first time

Last issue I wrote an article discussing the delay to pass the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in Congress. VAWA has thankfully passed the house this time, but there never should have been an issue passing it the first time. There is really no legitimate excuse not to pass a bill that gives treatment, shelter and services to people who ... Read More »

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