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Adriana Williams ’18, reflects on the 14th BC’s Cornell Weekend event

   Cornell Weekend was a very enlightening experience for me. This year was my first time attending Cornell Weekend and I was very impressed with the outcome. Friday was the networking and reception event in which we were able to meet all of the Cornell panelists including Joe Bridy, Venus Yam, and Brian Balduzzi. I learn about their careers and ... Read More »

On Mourning

Pinnacle/Lenox - Ancestors

By Talia Floyd Do you mourn your ancestors? No really, I’m curious. Do you mourn? Some of us mourn for our ancestors. We miss a connection to a home, a place with languages and cultures and distinction. I mourn for my ancestors who died in raids, died as they were abducted, died in filth in what amounts to the basement ... Read More »

Synopsis of College Career

By Taylor Brown I strongly disliked Berea when I was a freshman. My excuses at the time: I am only here because my mother forced me, Berea is in the middle of nowhere-too far away from home, I feel so alone, I am sad and afraid, the dorm rooms are small, the bathrooms are inconvenient and crowded, my roommate is ... Read More »

Life Skills: Convocation for Financial Literacy

By Taylor Brown       Convocations are a unique part of Berea College’s education. Diverse individuals take time out of their schedules to come here and talk to us about their careers, their lives or their professions. While this is a great opportunity to expand our minds, I wonder if it’s necessary for convocations to be mandatory. Perhaps, a possibility to ... Read More »

Thoughts on 2016 Fall Semester

Fall and Spring at Berea Berea College -- a place where "World Leaders" are  Groomed.

By Taylor Brown Senior Associate Editor So many events have occurred throughout the semester. Sexual assault was a hefty topic on campus. Campus wide protests were sparked by a particular sexual assault case and branched off into different issues. Quite a few students became or continued to be actively engaged in spreading awareness of this problem. While I do think ... Read More »

Senior Spotlight

Boubacar Cherif, '17/BC-Pinnacle

By Derby Chukwudi Senior News Writer The Fall semester is coming to an end, and many students can use a motivation to persevere through. Boubacar Cherif, “17, shares what keeps him motivated during his time in Berea with the Pinnacle. Pinnacle: What would you like to tell our readers about yourself? Boubacar: I reside in Alabama but was born in ... Read More »

A Struggling Semester — a Student Perspective

Keep Going Forward/Pinnacle

By Talia Floyd News Writer           I am officially not  great student this semester. If I get a C in most of my classes I will throw myself a party. If I make it through finals week at all it will be a miracle. It’s that kind of semester. To those of you who are not struggling I recommend you ... Read More »

BC Students Reflect on the 2016 General Election Results

By Corey Bush News Writer On November 9th 2016, America woke up to the 2016 general election results. The Pinnacle had a conversation with Berea College students and their perspectives on the election. Charity Ryan ‘17 said, “I, as a woman, am very worried about Trump being the president. I fear for all of my friends who aren’t straight, white ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor


By Meredith Eugene Hunt ‘79, BS Agriculture Guest News Writer After my wife and I married we joined the staff at the Hindman Settlement School. Living on campus gave me frequent opportunity to share meals with Appalachian writer James Still. Once, I squashed a cockroach scurrying across the dining room floor. “You destroyed a miracle,” Mr. Still said. Berea’s Convocation ... Read More »

A Wet Campus for a Night – BC’s 2016 Homecoming Dance Party


By Corey Bush News Writer The 2016 homecoming dance was Saturday, November 12. The dance started at 10p.m. that night. Students, alumni, and guests were told to enter in through the front entrance of the ground floor, but were restricted from entering via the alumni building stairs or elevator. However, the elevator was to be available for the physically-disabled. Inside ... Read More »

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