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Title IX with Katie Basham

By Talia Floyd Berea College has chosen to focus on bystander intervention. Basham explains saying “Research has shown that those programs that focus on teaching women not to get raped and teaching men not to be rapists don’t work. The majority of men aren’t going to be perpetrators…bystander intervention, is not labeling women as victims.”      Sexual violence on college ... Read More »

President Trump, obstacle or an opportunity for Standing Rock


By Talia Floyd On January 24 President Trump signed two executive orders advancing the construction of not only the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) but the keystone XL pipeline. This decision has quickly made Trump’s business interests in DAPL, one of the most contentious of several conflicts of interest. According to Forbes and Fortune, the President’s most recent federal disclosure funds ... Read More »

Students Substance Abuse — a Slippery Slope


By Lenox, K. Executive Editor-In-Chief United States Surgeon General Calls on Doctors and other Medical Professionals to engage with patients more! On November 28th , the U.S. Surgeon General and former Harvard Medical School instructor Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, who is closing in on his second year as surgeon general, discussed the problems created by the current substance abuse epidemic ... Read More »

We the People—A Rule by Democracy not Fear


By Lenox, K. Executive Editor-In-Chief On November 8, the American electorate, voted to shift the distribution of power–returning control of the Senate and House of Representative to the Republican Party, but also a Republican President elect to “keep democracy alive,” according to Cable News Network (CNN.) President Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address discussed that the whole point of democracy ... Read More »

Emergency response to an Hostile Individual

By Elshaday Yilma Senior News Writer Run  Hide    Fight         When people find themselves in an active shooter situation, panic and disorientation are common reaction, but knowing what to do ahead of time can increase people’s chances of surviving this type of emergency situation. One of the increasing action step is to run, hide,or fight. The phrase “Run Hide Fight®” is ... Read More »

The Great Conversations

Eugeniu Prodan’17, Esfandiar Lohrashpour ‘74, and Gyanu Karki’19 at the Great Conversations--BC Alumni Weekend

By Derby Chukwudi News Writer Once a year when Berea Alums return to their Alma Mater to reconnect with the new generation of Berea College. Great Conversations is a dress for success networking event where alums and current Berea students have dinner together and network with one another. This year’s event was the 4th Great Conversation and nine outstanding alums ... Read More »

What exactly is BC’s Social Probation?


By Talia Floyd News Writer floydt@berea.edu Berea college has three different kinds of probation students can be subjected to: labor, academic and social. Students are able to easily find detailed description for all but the last, Social Probation. Why care? Social probation is important because of the current discussion on campus about a previous sexual assault case that included social ... Read More »

Donald Trump Apologizes to America, SAYING “I Was Wrong.”


By Lenox, K. Editor-in-Chief On October 8, 2016 Republican Presidential nominee for the 2016 Presidential election Donald Trump issued a short video statement published by ABC news.com shortly after a 2005 leaked video went viral.  The video was first released by the Washington Post. Trump’s leaked tape included his comment about “groping” women in a discussion with “Access Hollywood” host ... Read More »

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack accompanied by Under Secretary for Rural Development Lisa Mensah Announced Strategies to Revitalize Rural America at Berea College!

Photo by Lenox K.

Lenox, K. Executive Editor-In-Chief Part of President Obama’s Administration effort to create opportunities in Rural America. On Thursday October 6, Tom Vilsack, 30th Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) with Under Secretary for Rural Development Lisa Mensah visited Berea College to announce the establishment of rural opportunities, in partnership with the Uplift America initiative. Vilsack and Mensah’s visit ... Read More »

Countdown to 2016 United States Presidential Election

Race to the White House

By Lenox, K. Executive Editor-In-Chief With less than 2 weeks to go, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, with early voting starting on October 21 through November 7 for eligible voters. To be eligible to vote early one must meet one of the following qualifications: you will be out of your county on Election Day, ... Read More »

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