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BC’s 2016 Fall Dance Event

Derby Chukwudi News Writer On November 3rd, 2016, BC’s different dance teams put together tremendous performances that gave students, staff and faculty a deserving stress relieve. Berea Dances is an annual dance event– a long standing tradition organized by the BC’s Dance department. Various dance teams on campus put on tremendous performances. According to Stephanie Woodie, an Assistant Professor of ... Read More »


By Taylor Brown News Writer When I awake from sleep, I notice that the sky is still dark. I yawn deeply and stretch, feeling achy from sleeping on the floor all night. My sister, Cassie, is still sleeping on the bed next to me. She breathes deeply and evenly, putting my anxieties aside for a little while. Note to ... Read More »

A SHORT STORY “the purest one”

by Taylor Brown Creative Writer The warm air felt like caressing fingers through Charles’ hair as he drove through the city in his orange convertible. His sunglasses enabled him to look directly at the sun whenever he pleased, and the sun was bright today. At a red light he leaned back and smiled. Days like this were his favorite; ... Read More »

Raspberries and Critters

Raspberries and Critters By Taylor Brown Jaime ate his breakfast silently. Jennifer had already left for school, but Jaime was staying because he was sick. “You need drink plenty of fluids so your system keeps working.” Mom said. “Riley will make me feel better.” Jaime muttered. He stared down at his plate, knowing Mom was upset. “Linda,” Dad said. ... Read More »

The purest one

By Taylor Brown The hotel buzzed with hundreds of voices. People from everywhere drove to the entrance to book a room, or a suite if they had the money. The day was hot. Everyone hurried to get into the cool building or hurried out to escape the heat in their vehicles. Children became imaginative with the large space and ... Read More »


Lenox Pinnacle Editor   Nobel Winners and other individuals and groups who inspire us daily have attempted and succeeded in following their passions and dreams–some have stood up and voiced their opinions on issues they strongly believe in while others have succeeded in peaceful negotiations, innovations etc. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and so did Malala Yousafzai–a 17 ... Read More »

Dispatches from THE DOWN HOME DIVAS Dispatch #24 SELF-CARE: A Diva’s Downtime

By Maggie Smith Humor Columnist Holden Dillman Humor Columnist Hidey Ho, Fabulachian’s! We hope that you are keeping warm with this weather change. We’ve already started layering our denim and pearls a little thicker to combat this chilly mountain weather. This month has been full of changes; the leaves have turned golden, the sleeves have gotten longer, and ... Read More »

Dispatches from THE DOWN HOME DIVAS Dispatch #23 A Diva’s Caliber

Maggie Smith Humor Columnist Holden Dillman Humor Columnist dilmanh@berea.edueal Talk: The plush chairs of the SGA office are housing some of Berea’s most fabulous, fierce forces tonight. As we burn the midnight oil we contemplate the years we’ve spent dreaming of a big fancy southern weddin’ equipped with the house wine and our Momma’s casseroles.  Our Pinterest boards are full ... Read More »

Dispatches from the DOWN HOME Dispatch. #23 From Summer to Shambles: A Triumphant Return

By Maggie Smith Humor Columist As it always comes to pass, this Dispatch From The Down Home Divas begins with laughter and tears.  Summer brought many travels. We left our hometown hollers to gallivant around big cities reaching from Hot Lanta to the glorious beaches and beards of the Mediterranean. Working girls always have trouble with their hair.  Sister ... Read More »

Government shuts down. Anarchy has its day.

On Monday September 30th, the United States government chose to close up shop after a 237 year run. In the ensuing confusion, with all frameworks that had previously mediated community standards and ethics having suddenly shattered and fallen away, America rapidly descended into violence and chaos. Nearly all businesses and homes had been ransacked by the end of day 2 ... Read More »

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