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Anonymous Advertisement in Local Paper Raises Allegations of Voter Intimidation

By Mason Darling News Writer Photo courtesy of KFTC staff An anonymous advertisement posted in the October 23rd edition of the Berea Citizen Newspaper called into question College students’ right to vote in the mid-term elections as residents of the town of Berea.  The advertisement read in bold letters: “Consider these Headlines from Across America: Could Berea Be Next?”, ... Read More »

Be Bold, Be Bald Campaign

By: Morgan Stacy Associate Writer image courtesy of : On October 17, 2014, Berea College Campus Life hosted a cancer awareness and national fundraising event known as “Be Bold, Be Bald.”  It is a campaign that caused a lot of conversation around campus. It is important to note that all opinions are equal in worth, and that no opinion ... Read More »

Living Museum: The Monty Solomon Early Technology Lab

By: Mason Darling News Writer photo: courtesy of The hall in the Technology building which leads down to the Monty Solomon Early Technology lab is lined by glass panes which overlook the extensive wood lab and its massive humming table saws, a busy and industrious space. The contrast as you enter the Solomon Lab is extreme.  The linoleum ... Read More »

Berea College plans to build new natural and health sciences facility

Berea College Natural Science Facility

By:Quinn Hertel Associate Writer Berea College is planning to construct a new natural and health sciences building that could be finished as early as 2018. This building will house all five Division 1 programs – not only physics, chemistry, and biology, which are located in the current science building, but also the math and nursing programs. Read More »

Convocation Review: Hot Club of Cowtown

On October 17, Hot Club of Cowtown performed at the Phelps-Stokes as part of the Stephenson performance series of convocations. The trio – consisting of Elana James on fiddle, Whit Smith on guitar and Jake Erwin on bass – performed hot jazz and western swing. Here are some quotes from students regarding the convocation.   1. Austin Lawson I neither ... Read More »

EPG fellows present on summer II Internships

by, Sandra Tombe Eighteen students who are now fellows of the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good program (EPG) presented on their second summer internships throughout the month of September at the Appalachian Center Gallery. EPG is a social entrepreneurship program which seeks to develop six abilities: engaging complexity and uncertainty, exploring value and ethical structures, facilitating group decisions, recognizing ... Read More »

Fresh perspective on climbing mountains and community

By: Morgan Stacy guest columnist Well, I have officially hit the two months mark on my Berea College timeline! They say time flies by when you are having fun! I feel like just yesterday I was one of the many prospective students touring the beautiful Berea campus. Now, I am officially a Berean and making my home right here ... Read More »

Three trips: one woman; study abroad experienced through the senses.

by Katie Downey guest columnist Ghana, Africa, Volunteering in Royal Hospital with Volta Aid Foundation I have a mask covering my mask covering my mouth and nose, but there is no stopping the aroma from entering my nostrils and triggering my stomach to turn. It is the pungent scent of burning flesh and antiseptic I smell as I scuttle ... Read More »

Question of the Week: Should US strike Syria? Why or Why not?

By: Boram Jeon   1. Joni Gibson (Child and Family studies/ Sophomore/ Sterns, Kentucky) “I don’t think it’s right for America to get involved in Syria when it’s really none of our business. I think we should stay out of it because we don’t need another war whenever we can barely even take care of our own people here.” ... Read More »

Humility’s role in love

by Eric Gray, guest columnist      The Bible says–maybe in the Beatitudes–blessed are the meek. When Berea College puts up a sign that says “We Speak Love”, is that a sign of meekness, or are we putting ourselves on a pedestal and looking down at the “evangelists”?      I did not come in contact with any of the ... Read More »

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