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Study Abroad–Why you should eat fast food while in Japan

Shadia Prater Guest News Writer Japan is a beautiful place to visit. Every year, there are many lists compiled to suggest to the wandering traveler where to go to do various activities like eating and drinking. There is also a path less talked about when discussing places to eat in Japan, and that is the fast food scene. When going ... Read More »

Solidarity with Sexual Assault Survivors

By Corey Bush News Writer Berea students staged a demonstration of solidarity for sexual assault survivors at the September 29 convocation speaking on female empowerment and advancement. Concerned students took the stage with the permission of the convocation speaker Ambassador Melanne Verveer. Shanita Jackson ‘19, gave a spoken word piece and shared her personal story of survival through her ... Read More »

Campus Voices; Students discuss their Labor Experiences

By Talia Floyd News Writer The labor program is an integral part of the Berea College experience. Every student works while balancing their academic and social world. Everyone who has worked a terrible job knows how draining it can become. On the opposite having a great job or volunteering with a great department can be an uplifting and motivating ... Read More »

“How to Change the World ”

By Christinia Patel Guest News Writer On September 20 – 23, students and leaders from across Appalachia gathered at Berea College to network and develop leadership skills at the 2016 annual Brushy Fork Institute. The Brushy Fork team at Berea College assists in the college’s mission to support community development in Appalachia by providing resources and services, communicate with ... Read More »

Genae Knowels and Layne Sinkhorn on Being Undecided

By Elshaday Yilma Guest Writer Deciding what major to pursue can be perplexing, especially with individuals with diverse talents and interests that cannot be enveloped into one major. The Pinnacle followed up on the subject with additional interviews with Genae Knowels ’19 and Layne Sinkhorn ’17. Knowels and Sinkhorn shared their journeys as undecided incoming freshmen; how they found ... Read More »

Rodney Wolfenbarger — Director of Brushy Fork Institute

By Christinia Patel Guest News Writer Rodney Wolfenbarger serves as the director of Brushy Fork Institute at Berea College. Brushy Fork Institute, founded in 1988, extends the College’s historic and enduring commitment to serve the Appalachian Region by providing resources and services that support community and leadership development. The Brushy Fork team dedicated tremendous time and energy into planning ... Read More »

Randy Stoecker one of 2016 Annual Brushy Fork Institute Featured Speakers

By Christinia Patel Guest News Writer Dr. Randy Stoecker is the man who knows “How to Change the World in Five Easy Steps,” or at least he led a track about it at the 2016 Brushy Fork Annual Institute.Stoecker is a professor of Community and Environmental Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as a University of Wisconsin ... Read More »

Barefoot in Berea

Corey Bush News Writer   A subculture that connotes hippies, hipsters, and homeless people: Barefoot culture. It is not uncommon to see many people in Kentucky, and all across Appalachia, who make a conscious choice to not wear shoes. Berea has its own culture of barefoot-walkers. Daisy Roberts ‘19 a Communications major from Heiskell, Tennessee said, “It’s more comfortable ... Read More »

Countdown to 2016 United States Presidential Election

With less than 2 weeks to go, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, with early voting starting on October 21 through November 7 for eligible voters. To be eligible to vote early one must meet one of the following qualifications: you will be out of your county on Election Day, November 8; you’re a military ... Read More »

Making your dorm room a mini-home

Talia Floyd News Writer Dorm rooms are impermanent and they can feel pretty sterile and small. Even so you will spend plenty of time in your dorm whether it is just a place to sleep or, like me, you only emerge for classes and food. Turning your dorm room from a space where you are to a home is ... Read More »

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