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Kidist Ashami – Perspective of a First-Generation Student

By Elshaday Yilma How prepared an individual is prior to arriving on campus dictates his or her college experience. Some students with parents who attended college have the added advantage of their parent’s support and guidance in navigating through college. However, first-generation college students are faced with the challenge of going through the college application process, admission and college experience ... Read More »

Words, Magic


By Derby Chukwudi We often ignore the possibility of the manifestation of our words. Magic to some people have to do with fairy tales and bedtime stories but magic to me, has everything thing to do with my words. Unwanted situations can be avoided by choosing to say things that will only help our situations and not worsen them. I ... Read More »

Berea Students Joined the 2017 Historic Women’s March Across the Globe

Women's_March_on_Washington by MOBILUS/Pinnacle Newspaper

By Talia Floyd The Women’s March took place on January 21, directly after President Trump’s inauguration and has claimed a spot as one of the largest protests in US history. The march’s theme echoed opposition to the deportment and political positions of incoming President Donald Trump. The march’s goal was “Protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our ... Read More »

A Visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Berea Students at the FEDS by The Pinnacle Newspaper

By Derby Chukwudi Berea Economics Association (BEA) took 34 Berea students to St. Louis to learn more about the Federal Reserve Bank and its operations. BEA serves as a platform for students in the Economics Department to network with professors and alumni. Faculty attendees included, Dr. Volker Grzimek– BEA adviser, Dr. Nancy Sowers, and Dr. Caryn Vazzana. Attendees received a ... Read More »

Artist Profile

By Talia Floyd News Writer               Berea college has an abundance of artistic talent. Students apply their skills in all sorts of ways from one of the many theatre productions to the musicians. The Pinnacle caught up with three artists and performers on campus, Khaelor Coleman’19 and Shanita Jackson’19, and Tyler Goins’19 to learn about what inspires them to create ... Read More »

A Conversation on Reproductive Justice


By Taylor Brown Associate Editor On Thursday November 10th, Berea College alumnus Dr. Willie Parker ’86, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist visited campus as a convocation speaker. Dr. Parker is a reproductive justice advocate who graduated with an MD from the University of Iowa, a Master’s of Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health, and a Master of ... Read More »

Why not Chicano Studies at BC?


By Corey Bush News Writer Berea student Latino and Chicano advocates are attempting to push for more demographic-based inclusiveness in Berea College courses. These students are associated with Fighting for Equal Education (FEE) and the Latin American Student Association (LASA.) “Berea College is doing a good job at accepting students that would consider themselves or align themselves with traditionally Latino/Chicanos/etc. ... Read More »

General Studies Requirement (GSTR 310) — an Unnecessary Requirement at BC?

berea college Chapel/Pinnacle

Sara Mullins Guest News Writer Berea College Students speak up about General Studies Requirement (GSTR) 310. Understandings of Christianity requirement. Reactions range from offense to outrage to downright fear. Some students had these to say: Eddie Henderson ‘19 (Atheist). “… I think it’s preposterous… I honestly don’t want to learn about Christianity because none of it is real. I would much ... Read More »

Study Abroad–Why you should eat fast food while in Japan


Shadia Prater Guest News Writer Japan is a beautiful place to visit. Every year, there are many lists compiled to suggest to the wandering traveler where to go to do various activities like eating and drinking. There is also a path less talked about when discussing places to eat in Japan, and that is the fast food scene. When going ... Read More »

Solidarity with Sexual Assault Survivors


By Corey Bush News Writer bushc@berea.edu Berea students staged a demonstration of solidarity for sexual assault survivors at the September 29 convocation speaking on female empowerment and advancement. Concerned students took the stage with the permission of the convocation speaker Ambassador Melanne Verveer. Shanita Jackson ‘19, gave a spoken word piece and shared her personal story of survival through her ... Read More »

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