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Faculty seeks greater representation

Last week, the Administration hosted an open meeting where the possibility of adding a representative of the faculty and staff to the Administrative Committee (AC) was discussed. 26 people attended the meeting, including Secretary of the Board of Trustees Judge Wilson, President Roelofs, and multiple department chairs. Meta Mendel-Reyes started out the meeting by saying that “although the administration primarily ... Read More »

A Date with a Trustee: Joe Bridy’s tale of two passions

What brings an extremely busy partner in a Wall Street firm to the hills of Kentucky for a full weekend during frigid February? If you guessed Berea College, you are correct! Despite the fact that Berea College’s youngest trustee, Joe Bridy, works an average of 70 hours a week and travels 200 days in a year, he cherishes board meeting ... Read More »

News in Brief

Feb 22- The Nation reports that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community center on 13th Street in New York City has buckled under the pressure of the QAIA (Queers Against Israeli Apartheid), lifting a ban to allow members of the Muslim community to rent out the space. Feb 26- Republicans are laughing at the upcoming sequester. According to the ... Read More »

The New Opportunity School for Women through the eyes of a graduate-turned-employee

You’ve got to love someone whose answer to a question about something that happened in 1992, begins in 1960. For George Ann Lakes, those 32 years are an integral part of a story worth telling. Lakes, now 69, is a graduate turned employee of the New Opportunity School for Women (NOSW), an organization which seeks to improve the educational, financial, ... Read More »

The Republican Civil War

On February 6th, the New York Times posted a front page article on Karl Rove’s plan to create The Conservative Victory Project. Karl Rove came to greater fame when he repeatedly insisted that Mitt Romney’s election was in the bag, a miscalculation that made ultra-rich conservative donors extremely angry. The Conservative Victory Project, according to Rove, is an effort to ... Read More »

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