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Columns about the arts, musical and cultural events.

Words, Magic


By Derby Chukwudi We often ignore the possibility of the manifestation of our words. Magic to some people have to do with fairy tales and bedtime stories but magic to me, has everything thing to do with my words. Unwanted situations can be avoided by choosing to say things that will only help our situations and not worsen them. I ... Read More »

Why we should “all” be Activists

Pinnacle/Lenox - ACT

By Talia Floyd Most people on campus probably do not know me, have not heard of me, do not care about me, which is ideal. I am an introvert; I would not want them to. A very small percentage of people might know me as a student activist. An activist is “a person who campaigns to bring about political or ... Read More »

Dr. Jose Pimienta-Bey; Moorish Influence on World History

Moorish by Dr. Jose Pimienta-Bey/The Pinnacle Newspaper

By Derby Chukwudi                          Dr. Jose Pimienta-Bey is an author and Associate Professor of the African and African-American Studies at Berea College. Berea, KY. Pimienta-Bey holds a B.A in History from Gettysburg College, an M.A. in History from Shippensburg University, and a PhD in African American Studies (interdisciplinary) from Temple University. Pimienta-Bey’s doctoral focus (concentration) combined the fields of ... Read More »

Berea College Prof. and writer in residence Crystal Wilkinson, Named 2016 Winner of “Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence.”

Crystal Wilkinson, Berea College.

By Derby Chukwudi            Born in Hamilton, Ohio, Wilkinson was brought up in her grandparents’ farm at Indian Creek, Kentucky. Wilkinson earned a journalism degree from Eastern Kentucky University in 1985. Although “Birds of Opulence” is Wilkinson’s first novel, many of her works have garnered critical acclaim, including but not limited to “Blackberries, Blackberries,” a collection of short stories–a 2002 ... Read More »

Differences unified through Dance

By Derby Chukwudi Nashwa Cahill, Associate Professor of Health and Human Performance at Berea College, Kentucky, USA.   Pinnacle: What made you choose Berea College? Cahill: My Husband Richard Cahill was offered a job as the Director of International Education and a history professor. We were impressed by the mission of Berea College and decided to make Berea our home. ... Read More »

Actors from the London Stage returned to Berea College’s Jelkyl Theatre (BCTL) Stage to perform Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

London Actors/Berea College/The Pinnacle Newspaper

By Lenox, K. (Executive Editor-In-Chief) On February 9th through February 11th, a team of talented actors from the London stage (Sarah Finigan, Roger May, Jasmeen James, Jack Whitam, and William Donaldson,) performed Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare at Berea College’s Jelkyl Theatre. This was their 7th visit to the College. Their previous performance at Berea College includes Hamlet, Othello, ... Read More »

President Trump, obstacle or an opportunity for Standing Rock


By Talia Floyd On January 24 President Trump signed two executive orders advancing the construction of not only the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) but the keystone XL pipeline. This decision has quickly made Trump’s business interests in DAPL, one of the most contentious of several conflicts of interest. According to Forbes and Fortune, the President’s most recent federal disclosure funds ... Read More »



By Sara Mullins Guest Writer       With National Novel Writing Month coming to a close, writers whose voices have broken through walls of misogyny and masks deserve some recognition. Every November aspiring writers or the just plain masochistic endeavor to write 50,000 words by the end of the month in a literary extravaganza known as National Novel Writing Month, or ... Read More »

46th Annual BSU Scholarship Pageant

2016 bsu-pageant/Pinnacle

By Derby Chukwudi News Writer The annual pageant of Black Student Union (BSU) was held on the 11th of November, 2016 during the Homecoming weekend. According to Starry Walker ‘18, the Black Student Union President, “The pageant is a BSU tradition that many alumni look forward to every year. A lot of hard work goes into the process but in ... Read More »

BC’s 2016 Fall Dance Event


Derby Chukwudi News Writer On November 3rd, 2016, BC’s different dance teams put together tremendous performances that gave students, staff and faculty a deserving stress relieve. Berea Dances is an annual dance event– a long standing tradition organized by the BC’s Dance department. Various dance teams on campus put on tremendous performances. According to Stephanie Woodie, an Assistant Professor of ... Read More »

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