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Party-time  An All Black Affair– Dress Code that is!

Party-time  An All Black Affair– Dress Code that is!

By Nmasichi Chukwuemeka

On August 26th at 10pm in the Activities Room, the Programming Specialist from Student Life kicked off the Fall 2017 semester with fun filled activities for Berea students.
Some of the highlights included, Berea Bash, a magic show, a blackout party, and CAB’s failure to keep to their promise of providing food at the party.
In contrast to last years party with an all white dress code, this year had an “all black” optional dress code.

There were about 100 students and Dj Steel City from Louisville in attendance. Many of the students in attendance had a lot to say about the party.
Ese Ataga ’20 said, “The party was fun, as I enjoyed the music, and the DJ played a variety of songs. However I wish they had food as they had advertised.”

Zita Erez ’20 said “The party was so lit and I had lots of fun. However, if food is advertised, then it should be provided. Also the decorations could have been better.”

Ashley white ‘19 said “The party was okay, I went with my friends and they made it fun. However, I would have loved a wide variety of music. It was just rap and hip-hop and not much variety. There should be different kinds of music as Berea is a diverse place with people from all over. However, I really appreciate the people that put it together as they really worked hard. It was really organized. There was nobody who got blackout drunk, and no one was escorted out with an ambulance, and as the first party of the year I think it was a huge success.”

Bri Beckler ’19 said, “It was pretty cool, some of the songs were so good and I felt the energy was lively and everyone was into the music which was cool. Personally, I think different variety of music could have made the party better, but I think that is because my music is different.”

“Although I arrived quite late to the party, I enjoyed it as it was engaging. Most people danced freely, and these were the people you least expected,” Gloria Makori ’20 said.

Fernando Kittrell ’20 said, “My friends told me it was awesome, they had fun and a lot of freshmen seemed to have enjoyed themselves as well. The party was a success, and lots of people made new friends there.”

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