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Students’ Voices–The Numbers are in! BC’s 2016/2017 Campus Scorecard…

Students’ Voices–The Numbers are in! BC’s 2016/2017 Campus Scorecard…

  The 2016/2017 campus scorecard is in. The Pinnacle reached out to students in a two step process through surveys and questionnaires. Below is what a good representation of Berea students participants said.
 About 100% of student participants indicated that they would like to see more transparency with the trustee affairs and meetings concerning the college in form transcript reports from the meetings. 100% also said they would prefer open trustee meetings than the current closed meetings tradition. The same percentage called for an abolishment of closed trustee meetings.

On the school identification card 99% of student participants said $15.00 was just too much to comprehend. The average fee for ID card replacement that students participants suggested would be reasonable was $3.00. Unanimously, student participants indicated that they preferred the fee to be charged to their student account in form of a term bill.

On Departmental satisfaction, student participants gave the labor office a 67% satisfactory rating. Most common concerns were issues such as unnecessary holds/freezing to their accounts, delays/slow processing of labor forms and payment issues.

73% satisfactory rating was given to Student Services. Counseling Services received 78% satisfactory rating, while the Department of Public Safety received 59% satisfactory rating. Student participants cited long lines, missing academic and registration forms, and unprocessed payment deduction forms. Most common issue with Counseling Services were lack of availability and flexibility in scheduling appointments. Students participants indicated lack of transparency, unreasonable parking tickets, monopoly in decal allotments and longer response time as major issues with the Department of Public Safety.

The Mountaineers Dining Service received a 19% satisfactory rating from student participants. Major concerns from students were food quality, food variety, hygiene of food handlers, and improperly cleaned cutleries, plates and cups. On the same note, students overwhelmingly gave Wholly Habaneros less than 1% satisfactory rating, but also indicated that they like to see it closed and would rather prefer the old Café back with a 96% rating. Major concerns for Wholly Habaneros were excessively priced food options, lack of variety, and unreasonable operation hours.

On general faculty, student participants gave an 80% satisfactory rating for professors. 95% of students participants said tenureship should continue, and 100% said they would like to see faculty and staff members attend at least 7 mandatory convocations per semester. 47% of student responders however, indicated that they would prefer a voluntary convocation option for students. On academics, the case to do away with mandatory GSTR 310 received 38% rating. Student participants unanimously indicated that they would prefer one-week reading period instead of just one day.

88% of student participants indicated that they would like to have overnight visitation rules for the opposite sex, while 41% indicated that they would live in a gender inclusive residence hall.

A total of 374 random students participated in the optional questionnaire/survey, and percentages were rounded-up to the nearest whole number.

Not all institutions pay close attention to students’ concerns when making decisions that affect their well-being, however, those that do, usually find it satisfactory according to American Council of Education (ACE).

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