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Students’ Voices–The Numbers are in! BC’s 2016/2017 Campus Scorecard…

The Pinnacle/Lenox

Lenox, K. Executive Editor-in-Chief The 2016/2017 campus scorecard is in. The Pinnacle reached out to students in a two step process through surveys and questionnaires. Below is what a good representation of Berea students participants said. About 100% of student participants indicated that they would like to see more transparency with the trustee affairs and meetings concerning the college in ... Read More »

Tiger Woods, slowly transitioning for retirement or hibernating for a biological defying comeback!

04TIGERCLASS07-gren jacket BWLenox

Lenox, K. Executive Editor-in-Chief On Friday, March 31st on his website, world renowned golfer Tiger Woods for the third time in the last four years announced that he will not play in the Masters due to not having enough time to prepare to play. “Unfortunately, I won’t be competing in this year’s Masters. I did about everything I could to ... Read More »

Kinetic Expressions: an art of Movement

Kinetic Expression-pinnacle-LENOX

By Derby Chukwudi March 30th through April 1st, marked the 20th Anniversary of Kinetic Expressions on campus. Every year, the Dance Department puts together a performance to entertain the campus and its community members. These dances reflect different emotions and theme. Ashley Mathis ’16 says, “Auditions for Kinetic Expressions begins in November for choreographers, and dance auditions usually start following ... Read More »

“State of Mind”

SOM-pinnacle BW/Lenox

By Derby Chukwudi Visiting Professor of Theatre Tia Davis directed a devised play “State of Mind” which premiered on March 31 through April 8. “State of Mind” is different in that all the pieces are originally written by students who make up the ensemble with themes including love, family, relationships, death, humor, activism, and communication. The Pinnacle had the opportunity ... Read More »

Should labor hours be accredited to student athletes?


By Jenna Hughes Student athletes put in a minimum of twelve hours a week toward their sport. Full time college students are expected to spend forty hours per week on their academics. An additional ten hours per week are required to be completed for the labor program. Would it be acceptable to credit some labor hours to student athletes? Jillian ... Read More »

Bored in Berea?


By Jenna Hughes Believe it or not, Berea offers a wide variety of things to do. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination. Some warm and sunny days provide for a plethora of activities. During a busy week, take a blanket outside, bask in the sunlight, and catch up on homework. If you want to do something more active, ... Read More »

Career Pursuit and the “Unique” Challenges of Attending a Small College

Unique Berea-Pinnacle 1

By Derby Chukwudi We all know that after graduation, it is the hustle and bustle of what our next steps will be and personally, I have learned from others that it is better to start career preparation while in college than after graduation. Having taken this advice, I began to search for opportunities and programs that would further prepare me ... Read More »

Teach us to persevere or teach us to fail

A movement for a better World!

By Talia Floyd It was right around this time last semester, a little earlier, that I decided I wasn’t going to drop that Spanish 102 course. My midterm grades were abysmal, mostly due to spending too much time staring at my screen as if by the power of vision the complexity of verb tense would be transferred to my head, ... Read More »

Finals are encroaching. I’m sorry. It’s true. Brace yourselves.

Keep Going Forward/Pinnacle/lENOX

By Talia Floyd The end of spring semester comes with a long build up to summer plans, whether you’re going abroad, working, interning, visiting family, sleeping off the school year or a combination. As much as we would like for the school year to get progressively less stressful,  the reality is that in order to pass and collect that last ... Read More »

Even great things have an ending.


By Taylor Brown As a freshmen I was employed at the Mountaineer Dining Hall. Working there was relatively easy at first, even though I disliked the job. However, as the year went by I came to loathe it more and more each shift. It got to the point where I would start cursing at, and fighting the air after waking ... Read More »

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