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Words, Magic

Words, Magic

By Derby Chukwudi

We often ignore the possibility of the manifestation of our words. Magic to some people have to do with fairy tales and bedtime stories but magic to me, has everything thing to do with my words. Unwanted situations can be avoided by choosing to say things that will only help our situations and not worsen them.
I can say positive things and see them manifest and say negative things and also see them manifest. The manifestation of the words I speak is what I call “magic”. Magic is not farfetched; magic is in us. Unfortunately, some people are unaware of the magic expressed from our spoken words, thus, carelessly uttering words that do not give life to our dreams, our situations or even to our personalities.

Magic is no respecter of persons and is also fair. It works based on what we say. One thing I have come to understand is that circumstantial events can take everything away from us except our words. We ought to choose what we want to say and do not want to say carefully. I have been in situations when I have spoken out of anger or frustration, but it does not mean that the magic which lies in my spoken words will discern, and automatically filter out the negative words; unfortunately, the magic still plays out the same. Due to this, I have learned to think before I speak or react to a situation with my words.
We must realize that we allow the expression of magic from our words. We are constantly seeking ways on how to create a better world. One way I think we can achieve this is through controlling what we say. We should choose to use this magic to our advantage, not our destruction. So many of us have killed others with our words, some have killed other people’s dreams by using discouraging words, while some of us have hindered our progress by the words we declare upon ourselves.

No matter how many negative words we have spoken in our lifetime, it is never too late to begin anew. Let us begin today by speaking words of life, peace, love, and joy to ourselves and people around us. Remember, we cannot change our past that may have been full of negative words, but we can shape our future and world with words of life and positivity.

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