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Adriana Williams ’18, reflects on the 14th BC’s Cornell Weekend event

Adriana Williams(1)

   Cornell Weekend was a very enlightening experience for me. This year was my first time attending Cornell Weekend and I was very impressed with the outcome. Friday was the networking and reception event in which we were able to meet all of the Cornell panelists including Joe Bridy, Venus Yam, and Brian Balduzzi.

I learn about their careers and interest, followed by a formal presentation on topics such as resume, interview skills, networking and social media. This event was very professional and it gave us an opportunity to ask questions and gain insight on how the professional field works. Once the formal presentation was over we were able to break up in small groups and have one-on-one conversations to talk more in depth about any specific questions we had. On Saturday we were able to have a resume review session, mock interview, or both with the Cornell member of our choice. I personally chose the resume review.

I chose to have my resume reviewed by Venus Yam. The resume review session was very interactive. She didn’t just tell me what to take out and add; she allowed me to choose things myself and we were able to talk in more detail about how to make those things stand out on my resume. As a junior, I believe this was one of the best opportunities I have been able to take advantage of thus far. Not only was I able to network and form new relationships, but I was also able to grow professionally.

Coming into the weekend I was unsure of what to expect, but after taking a step outside of my comfort zone and learning new skills and tips that will help me in my future I cannot be more thankful to the Center For Transformative Learning for providing us with this experience but also the Cornell Members for taking time out their busy schedules to come help us this weekend. Speaking on behalf of all my colleagues, we thank you and appreciate you dearly.

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