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Congratulations to EPG Cohort ‘14

Congratulations to EPG Cohort ‘14

Berea College EPG Cohort 14/The Pinnacle Newspaper

Front row (from the left): Breanna Lawson, Kevin Cuartas, Evelyn (Evy) Perler-Tomboly, Anna Heremes, Alexyss Lindsey, Admiral Blaney, Julia Roberts, Samantha Drew;Back row (from the left): Yabsira Ayele, Anna Keller, Makayla Allison, Azis Toktobaev, Matthew Schwartz, Isai Sanchez, Rodney Kimbangur; Not pictured: Kayla Barbour, Zakary Sholtz, R’Mon  Harvell, Puspa Kafley, Andrea Dwelly.

The Entrepreneurship for the Public Good (EPG) program is pleased to introduce its 14th cohort selected for the 2017 Summer Institute. After a rigorous and selective process, 20 students from 3 classes, across 19 majors joined a network of over 188 alumni and 42 community partners in the Appalachian Region.

Anna Heremes
Matthew Schwartz
Kayla Barbour
Zakary Sholtz
Rodney Kimbangur
R’Mon  Harvell
Admiral Blaney
Makayla Allison
Puspa Kafley
Anna Keller
Julia Roberts
Samantha Drew
Yabsira Ayele
Evelyn (Evy) Perler-Tomboly
Breanna Lawson
Azis Toktobaev
Alexyss Lindsey
Kevin Cuartas
Isai Sanchez
Andrea Dwelly

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