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Resolutions or Re-solutions!

Resolutions or Re-solutions!

Lenox, K.
 Executive Editor-in-Chief

On 01/01/2017, many people probably made a long list of goals they want to see through this year, so far, some have already forgotten about those commitments already. 2014 was a good year for many and maybe a few obstacles for others. Some people discovered great things about themselves while others may have ended up with grades that were not as good as they expected. With every New Year comes new changes in life. For first year students, the anxiety of high school graduation and transition to college is almost an issue of the past, and for seniors the worries of graduation and landing their first post-graduation job or admission to the graduate school of their dreams is slowly rising to a 9 on a scale of 10. Whatever the case is, take some time daily to inhale and exhale very slowly! Change is a constant of life, however, it does not have to be intimidating or frustrating —happiness is important, but balance is essential.

Something about starting a new year is the itch that makes people want to get on Amazon and order a brand new self—the bad news is, no, you cannot order a brand new “you.” The good news is, you may be able to get a refurbished version of yourself—yes, you can make changes to your lifestyle and personal habits. Great New Year resolutions, should address changes needed but also must be realistic to follow through. A goal of losing 20 pounds in 20 days certainly is not the most realistic goal. Sometimes, life gets in the way. So, you are not alone, and the year is just beginning.

What matters now is to pick up from where you left and continue the journey. Some student may decide on a specific number of sleep hours per night, hours of exercise per week, number of study hours per week etc… while other resolutions may include: healthy well being (physical, social, emotional, environmental, spiritual, intellectual etc.), volunteering, internships, study abroad, summer research, budgeting more, attending “all” your classes (Berea college does not allow tourist students—that means you cannot just show up for class when you feel like it).

Indeed, some people go to college for various reasons—some to have fun discovering themselves, while others go to college with hopes of coupling for eternity. This is more of a personal preference; if it happens, it happens, if not, just enjoy yourself– single or coupled, and stress less about coupling. After all, college is about self-discovery, learning and excelling in academics. The coupling thing can be done at your own pace with the help of sites such as:,, and, just to name a few.

Above all, keeping a personal calendar can be the puzzle piece that puts everything into perspective when the going gets tough, hectic or just plain crazy. Advantages of having a personal calendar helps to bring everything into perspective, such as: class schedule, labor hours, bill payment reminders, study time, clubs and organizational meetings, personal time, laundry, shopping, sleep time etc. Thus, a more organized and less chaotic life. Resolutions are personal and however one decides to go about them is also personal. It may take a day, a week, a month or the entire year to accomplish. Do not beat yourself up, getting one successful resolution checked off your list is a major accomplishment, and you can always add a second one to the list. So step it up and make your 2015 resolutions a reality.

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