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Stigma and Mental Health Care Among College Students


By Talia Floyd Senior News Writer Mental health is one of the most important and dismissed elements of leading a healthy lifestyle. However a persistent myth that serious mental health crises, including suicide, come without warning. A myth that is propagated by a combination of sources including media. However this myth stems from the inability to identify warning signs rather ... Read More »

Thoughts on 2016 Fall Semester

Fall and Spring at Berea Berea College -- a place where "World Leaders" are  Groomed.

By Taylor Brown Senior Associate Editor So many events have occurred throughout the semester. Sexual assault was a hefty topic on campus. Campus wide protests were sparked by a particular sexual assault case and branched off into different issues. Quite a few students became or continued to be actively engaged in spreading awareness of this problem. While I do think ... Read More »

Senior Spotlight

Boubacar Cherif, '17/BC-Pinnacle

By Derby Chukwudi Senior News Writer The Fall semester is coming to an end, and many students can use a motivation to persevere through. Boubacar Cherif, “17, shares what keeps him motivated during his time in Berea with the Pinnacle. Pinnacle: What would you like to tell our readers about yourself? Boubacar: I reside in Alabama but was born in ... Read More »

Students Substance Abuse — a Slippery Slope


By Lenox, K. Executive Editor-In-Chief United States Surgeon General Calls on Doctors and other Medical Professionals to engage with patients more! On November 28th , the U.S. Surgeon General and former Harvard Medical School instructor Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, who is closing in on his second year as surgeon general, discussed the problems created by the current substance abuse epidemic ... Read More »

We the People—A Rule by Democracy not Fear


By Lenox, K. Executive Editor-In-Chief On November 8, the American electorate, voted to shift the distribution of power–returning control of the Senate and House of Representative to the Republican Party, but also a Republican President elect to “keep democracy alive,” according to Cable News Network (CNN.) President Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address discussed that the whole point of democracy ... Read More »

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