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Study Abroad–Why you should eat fast food while in Japan

Study Abroad–Why you should eat fast food while in Japan

Shadia Prater
Guest News Writer

Japan is a beautiful place to visit. Every year, there are many lists compiled to suggest to the wandering traveler where to go to do various activities like eating and drinking. There is also a path less talked about when discussing places to eat in Japan, and that is the fast food scene.
When going to a foreign country, people are told to stay away from fast food places like McDonald’s, KFC, Dominos and even Wendy’s. I agree with these people for the most part, yet it does not hurt to step into one of these places from time to time while in Japan.

Fast food joints in Japan are a magical place. They are everywhere, which means you can take up the opportunity to try the food more often. They hold a Japanese perspective on a western concept, which means that there are some things that are  familiar about these places, yet slightly different. To Americans, fast food is something common; however, it is different in Japan. Fast food in Japan is a beautiful thing. It is something not indulged in very often, but when you do partake of the fast food, it is good. Everyone smiles and greets you as you come in. It is a shift compared to fast food places in America. There is also a menu in front of the counter, so all you have to do is point to the food item.

If you have no shame, you can also score some pretty cool kids toys while sampling food items. Don’t worry, I have quite a few Pokémon toys and folders myself.
Contrary to America’s fast food presentation, every McDonalds’ I visited was spotless. Some McDonald’s even deliver and take orders via app. The only down side is the price and quantity. You can have five chicken nuggets for $5. The nuggets are not dry either. They are spongy and flavorful. It does take some getting used too.
KFC had some of the best chicken I have ever had. Also, while I was there they had sea salt flavored chicken. It was amazing.
Domino’s was expensive, and tasted about the same pizza-wise. One small pizza was $20. However, their custards and treats are delicious and inexpensive.
To save you some time, I would caution against going to Wendy’s. They don’t have Frosties, but their burgers are good.
Each restaurant has different items during different seasons and sometimes shift each month or so. For example, during the spring season, McDonald’s has cherry blossom flavored drinks and fries.
Japan is a wonderful place to experience new things and experiencing and eating different things is a must.

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