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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

By Meredith Eugene Hunt ‘79, BS Agriculture
Guest News Writer

After my wife and I married we joined the staff at the Hindman Settlement School. Living on campus gave me frequent opportunity to share meals with Appalachian writer James Still. Once, I squashed a cockroach scurrying across the dining room floor. “You destroyed a miracle,” Mr. Still said.
Berea’s Convocation speaker Willie Parker destroys miracles, but they’re not cockroaches, they’re human beings. At the conclusion of the 7/30/14 Esquire article, “The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker,” the writer examines what he calls “the heart of the process” in the mangled remains of a nine week “fetus”: skull, eye sockets, “two tiny arms and two tiny hands,” an eye.


Meredith Eugene Hunt ‘79

The writer continues: But here’s the vital question: Is it a person? Not by the standards of the law, [Parker] says. Is it viable outside the womb? It is not. So this piece of life—and remember, sperm is alive, eggs are alive, it’s all life—is still totally dependent on a woman.   And that dependence puts it in the domain of her choice. “That’s what I embrace,” he says. But it’s hard not to look at those tiny fingers, no bigger than the tip of a toothpick. Does that ever disturb him? “No,” Parker says, even though he aborts prenatal children of nearly 25 weeks, according to a 5/27/12 NJ Star-Ledger article.

Not only is Parker desensitized, he dismisses our shameful history when any human being with African genes wasn’t a person “by the standards of the law.” He and the writer ignore the scientific facts that sperm and egg cells alone will die, but combined, they cease to exist in creating a unique individual person completely viable in her natural environment and who gathers resources and directs her own development.

Parker negates our compassionate tradition of giving special protection to those most dependent. When pregnancy poses medical problems, a true physician would care for both patients.

Berea College can’t pretend neutrality on Willie Parker or his bogus claim to Christianity. The college certainly wouldn’t host a racist or anti-Semite, let alone someone who held slaves or murdered Jewish people, however euphemistic his language might be, however it might be rationalized. The college upholds Parker as being among the “outstanding personalities who enliven the intellectual, aesthetic and religious life….” And that’s reprehensible.
Parker isn’t a Good Samaritan. He’s the robber who renders mothers bleeding emotionally and spiritually, and their babies dead.

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