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Berea College-Motley Fool Investment  Club gets to work

Berea College-Motley Fool Investment Club gets to work

By Derby Chukwudi
 News Writer


The Berea College-Motley Fool Investment Club (BC-MF) is a place where students, faculty and staff can learn about investing and broaden their interest in the financial markets. BC-MF Investment Club is part of the broader campus wide Financial Literacy effort. As in any group especially one that finances take center stage, transparency and accountability provides a healthy platform for all parties and the BC-MF is hoping to do just that.The following are excerpts from a discussion with some of the new club members.

Harry M. Tsiagbe, Lead Portfolio Manager and President: Last fall (2015), I had the privilege of serving on a committee President Roelofs tasked to develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as part of efforts to establish an Investment Club on campus. Given my role on that committee, I naturally came to assume leadership of the new club. I remain involved with the campus Financial Literacy effort because I believe that it is important that we’re each able to make sound, informed financial decisions. With the investment club, I hope that we’re able to demystify investing and get students excited about personal financial management. This is how I choose to serve.

Lewis Kilongo, Research Analyst and Vice President for Communications: Asset Management is a great tool to impact communities positively. Given that my goal is to help families achieve financial independence, being an officer is an opportunity to get the skills necessary for that. Also, providing a share of support for the operating budget of the College is a goal of the club. As such, serving as an officer to meet this goal is to me an opportunity to give back to this life-changing institution. Financial literacy allows people to make critical decisions regarding their personal finances. This club will give students good skills for this important aspect of life.

Starson Audate, Research Analyst and Vice President for Compliance & Taxes: I am a Business and Economics major. The investment club is one of the most closely related activities on campus that is connected to my aspiration in life. I have the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant and curious students on campus who are passionate about the world of finance. Furthermore, I have the chance to share my love for the subject matter with my fellow Bereans.

Benjamin E. Willhite, Research Analyst and Vice President for Communications: The two major aspects that interest me are as follows: Having the opportunity to analyze companies that are currently in the portfolio and prospective companies strengthens my analytical skills. Secondly, I also enjoy and look forward to the time spent with other students who are rigorous and determined to advance this club and learn from each other. By coming to our meetings and workshops, our fellow students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about investing and the functionality of the stock market.

Minashsha Z. Lamisa, Research Analyst and Vice President for Outreach Services: I am the Research Analyst and the VP of Outreach Services with the BC-MF Investment Club. As an Economics and Finance major, I’m really excited to be a part of the club because it will not only allow me to exercise my knowledge from coursework into real world application, but also utilize the knowledge to directly give back to my beloved Berea College. I’m positive that our work will be a small but sustainable contribution to the mission of Berea College in providing scholarships to promising students from low-income backgrounds.

Eugeniu Prodan, Research Analyst and Vice President for Administration & Treasury: I applied to be on the board of the Berea College-Motley Fool Investment Club because I would like to help Berea continue its legacy of providing opportunities to talented students who would not have the chance to attend college otherwise. Through the club’s open meetings and workshops, students will be able to learn first-hand about the stock market and will therefore enhance their financial literacy. They will also have a chance to participate in our operations by proposing new investments ideas to the club. We look forward to seeing all of you!

Syrine Bessaad, Research Analyst and Vice President for Outreach Services: What drives me to this club is its mission of raising funds which will be allocated to provide education for outstanding students from underprivileged backgrounds. It seems like the team is on a mission, a great one!! As an economics major, this is an opportunity for me to learn and to do what I enjoy: analyzing the market. This learning opportunity is not limited to the officers but also open to all students. I am a Research Analyst and VP of Outreach Services, and I am excited to collaborate with the rest of the team to make this experience inclusive.




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