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BC’s 2016 Fall Dance Event

BC’s 2016 Fall Dance Event

Derby Chukwudi
News Writer

On November 3rd, 2016, BC’s different dance teams put together tremendous performances that gave students, staff and faculty a deserving stress relieve.
Berea Dances is an annual dance event– a long standing tradition organized by the BC’s Dance department. Various dance teams on campus put on tremendous performances.

According to Stephanie Woodie, an Assistant Professor of the Health and Human Performance Program, “Berea Dances has been going on since 1997. Twenty years! It’s grown from a small event featuring the Country Dancers, the Modern Dance Troupe (currently AIMM) and a few international students performing traditional dance to an event that involves approximately 130 students, staff and faculty and nine dance groups. We keep growing and hope to continue to grow. An important aspect of dance on our campus is that we invite all students to participate regardless of experience. The driving force behind Dance Programs is that we want everyone who wants to have a ‘Chance to Dance!’ and that means you too.”

The events featured diverse dance groups which included: EYCE (Exceeds Your Crunck Expectations); Fierce, Young and Hot Dance Group (FYAH); Sazon Latino; Country Dancers; South Asian Fusion; Faculty Dance Group; Artists in Modern Motion; Berea Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble; and the African Student Association Dance Group.

Erick Shyaka’19, said, “Berea Dances was replete with awe, cheers and excitement from the audience. For the dancers, we played our part with much ardor and this was visible through the sweat and the visible enjoyment as we rocked the stage. What I loved most was the diversity among the dance groups. To the dancers, was a moment of fulfillment and to the audience, was both entertainment and a learning experience.”

According to Jameelia Bowie, E.Y.C.E leader said, “E.Y.C.E has performed in Berea Dances for many years but this year has topped the rest. The energy. And excitement put out by the other groups was amazing and truly made for an amazing Berea Dances.”

Kutu Hall, President of ASA, said, “I am proud of my dance team and the job they did at Berea Dances. They gave me and the crowd so much life! My goal was for us to educate people of the different dance styles in the African Diaspora. I also wanted to be able to represent some of the countries our students come from. My long term goal from here on out is to shed light on the ‘Dark Continent’ because dance can reach and connect with a person unlike words can. Watch out because we’re up to something!”

Rhea Sharma, South Asian Fusion dance leader said, “South Asian Fusion was founded 2 years ago to present South Asian culture to the Berea community through various dance styles. It looks to incorporate modern and classical styles into a fusion dance, welcoming anyone who would like to participate and learn about South Asian culture.”
Asides from the students performing at this event, some faculty members also presented a dance performance.


The African Student Association Dance Group.


Berea South Asian Fusion Dance Group


EYCE (Exceeds Your Crunck Expectations)


Berea College Cheer-leading Squad


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