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BC Students Reflect on the 2016 General Election Results

By Corey Bush
News Writer

On November 9th 2016, America woke up to the 2016 general election results. The Pinnacle had a conversation with Berea College students and their perspectives on the election.

Charity Ryan ‘17 said, “I, as a woman, am very worried about Trump being the president. I fear for all of my friends who aren’t straight, white males. People who are racist, sexist, and homophobic are already quite vocal as we know, (think of all of the white men driving big trucks around Berea who yell racist and homophobic slurs out of their windows,) but now they have a leader who they look up to…”

Tyler Hutsell ‘17 said, “I supported and voted for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. I knew full well not to expect a third party win. However, getting 5% of the popular vote would have allowed the Libertarian party to be federally recognized and receive federal funds, and I think that would have been a good thing. As far as Trump winning, it was certainly unexpected. I think the next four years will be extremely important for the American people…”

Noah Brown ‘17 said, “I strongly endorsed Trump over Clinton. I felt pretty good about the outcome. It’s hard to predict what will come next for American citizens since Trump has no real partisan influence–he hates both parties and they hate him back. We can expect him to follow through on most of his campaign promises, and we can expect him to try his very best to do a great job…”

Hunter Wiseman ‘17 said, “I honestly thought that Hillary had it and as I was watching the state by state polls on election night, I was quite surprised that so many of the historical blue states had been red states this cycle. For a part of me feels that I saw this coming. I think it is hard to take a candidate for the establishment like Hillary, and put her versus a populist candidate like Trump. Had it been another populist candidate like Bernie Sanders, I think the outcome would have been a lot different…”

Matthew Young ‘17 said, “I supported Evan McMullin. As a classical conservative (and I hope, a decent person) I refused to support Donald Trump. I believe that conscience is of para mount importance, and my conscience would not rest supporting either Trump or Clinton…”

Alejandro Galeana-Salinas ‘19 said, “Bernie had some of the best ideas. He was never a savior, so to think so is ridiculous, but he had great ideas that would’ve lifted this country up and make it a bit more bearable. First and foremost I supported el pueblo, the people. I am not surprised by the outcome but by no means am I happy…”

Hailey Barnett ‘19 said, “I supported Bernie Sanders but I ended up voting for Hillary Clinton because I was worried that Trump would win the election. With that being said, I do not feel good about the outcome…”

Not to leave the local results out of the conversation; according to, the eight city council candidates with the highest vote counts are: Bruce Fraley with 2,170 votes; Ronnie Terrill with 2,074 votes; Jim Davis with 2,011 votes; Billy Wooten with 1,916 votes; Cora Jane Wilson votes 1,900 votes; Steve Caudill with 1,895 votes; Jerry Little with 1,657 votes; and Tom “the Mailman” Schultz with 1,604 votes.

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