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Artist Profile

By Talia Floyd
News Writer

              Berea college has an abundance of artistic talent. Students apply their skills in all sorts of ways from one of the many theatre productions to the musicians. The Pinnacle caught up with three artists and performers on campus, Khaelor Coleman’19 and Shanita Jackson’19, and Tyler Goins’19 to learn about what inspires them to create and perform.
Coleman, Jackson and Goins responded to three questions: What kind of art do you create? What inspires you to create? And What inspires you to perform?


             Shanita Jackson is a poet and writer whose art includes poetry, prose, and spoken word. Shanita spoke about the connection that her art allows her to form with those around her. “Stories inspire me. I’ve always been the type to sit and listen to people talk. I want to know what people have been through, good and bad, because I know those factors help to shape who are. I look at the people around me and I take a step back to survey their behavior every so often. If look and listen carefully, everyone is a character in one narrative or another. I just have to figure out where to place them.” Jackson said. When asked “What inspires you to perform?” Jackson continued“I know that there are always people who cannot say what they need to say out loud. I think about the matriarchs of my family and I think about their narratives and their voices. Too often I find that they don’t have a voice or that they’ve been silenced in some way. I think about them every time I touch stage. No matter how cathartic the performance may be for me personally, I constantly think of how my experiences or the stories that I tell can potentially impact and resonate with someone in the audience…even if it’s only one person.”
“Poetry Saves Lives! If anyone is interested in starting or contributing to a poetry slam club, let me know!” Shanita added. With the incredible vibrancy of the Berea artist community it’s surprising there isn’t already a poetry slam team. In fact Berea college does not currently have an art club, performance or otherwise. Perhaps some of the incredible talent on campus will collaborate to create one for the coming semester.


                Tyler Goins is a poet and fiction writer. When asked “What inspires you to create?” Tyler said “It allows me to express the things that trouble me through words. Also, I am able to process what I am thinking about at any given moment when I write.” When asked “What inspires you to perform?” Tyler said, “By relaying what I have experienced, I might be able to touch a person that has shared a similar experience, and if I can help someone feel a little less alone, then I am so happy.” He ended the interview with this insight. “Some people are scared to create because of criticism and that is a problem among the arts that needs to be broken, because it stifles such great talent.”


           Khaelor Coleman is a musician. She plays guitar, piano and sings among other instruments. In response to “what inspires you to create? ” Coleman said “Creating music is the most efficient way or me to process emotions and to sort out the discombobulated mess that is my brain.
Music is my form of meditation.” Coleman added “I don’t perform very often, but when I do its because I want to share the joy that music brings me with those who are around me.”

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