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A Wet Campus for a Night – BC’s 2016 Homecoming Dance Party

A Wet Campus for a Night – BC’s 2016 Homecoming Dance Party

By Corey Bush
News Writer

The 2016 homecoming dance was Saturday, November 12. The dance started at 10p.m. that night. Students, alumni, and guests were told to enter in through the front entrance of the ground floor, but were restricted from entering via the alumni building stairs or elevator. However, the elevator was to be available for the physically-disabled.

Inside the dance floor, while trying to fit the number of attendees into the building, students were pushed up against each other and funneled into a narrow hallway that leads to the activities room, where the dance was held. Students were also made to line up to put up their coats or jackets into a side-room.

At around midnight, the main entrees of food were re-stocked, but consumed in a short time as people lined up to eat. Student workers appeared to be frustrated with lack of student respect of the facilities and order of the event. Students appeared unable to focus, either by the close quarters or various forms of inebriation.

Outside, what appeared to be an empty bottle of Burnett’s Blueberry-flavored vodka out on the steps.
Chaotic appears to be a general sentiment among the students. On a later segment of the dance, students were barred re-entry and the dance began to “shut down. There were incidents of students puking inside the building, and a general rowdiness of other inebriated students.

At some point during the dance an ambulance was spotted outside the alumni building. Heather Drake ‘18 said, “… to be honest, kinda expected the issue we had last night. Not to that degree, but I expected something to go down. I guess I want a reminder to all the students to be responsible and to watch out. I’m not sure on the details, but the issue could have happened for any number of reasons. I just want to remind people to be careful and that I hope the people afflicted are okay. Also, I’m not too happy about the venue. It was crowded and small. I preferred CPO over Alumni basement. At least then there was somewhat more room.”

Alicia Crocker ‘19: “It was packed and, though I’m sure they were trying to make us feel safe, I felt claustrophobic. Also, I couldn’t get water so that sucked, but the dance was lit.”

Henry Marshall ‘19: “It was lit. The line was long. There will always be people who go too hard at these types of events. A few students seemed to have drank too much, resulting in having to call paramedics to help take control of the situation. As far as homecoming in itself, it was crowded and lit.”

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