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Artist Profile

By Talia Floyd News Writer               Berea college has an abundance of artistic talent. Students apply their skills in all sorts of ways from one of the many theatre productions to the musicians. The Pinnacle caught up with three artists and performers on campus, Khaelor Coleman’19 and Shanita Jackson’19, and Tyler Goins’19 to learn about what inspires them to create ... Read More »

A Struggling Semester — a Student Perspective

By Talia Floyd News Writer           I am officially not  great student this semester. If I get a C in most of my classes I will throw myself a party. If I make it through finals week at all it will be a miracle. It’s that kind of semester. To those of you who are not struggling I recommend you ... Read More »


By Sara Mullins Guest Writer       With National Novel Writing Month coming to a close, writers whose voices have broken through walls of misogyny and masks deserve some recognition. Every November aspiring writers or the just plain masochistic endeavor to write 50,000 words by the end of the month in a literary extravaganza known as National Novel Writing Month, or ... Read More »

46th Annual BSU Scholarship Pageant

By Derby Chukwudi News Writer The annual pageant of Black Student Union (BSU) was held on the 11th of November, 2016 during the Homecoming weekend. According to Starry Walker ‘18, the Black Student Union President, “The pageant is a BSU tradition that many alumni look forward to every year. A lot of hard work goes into the process but in ... Read More »

Emergency response to an Hostile Individual

By Elshaday Yilma Guest Writer Run  Hide    Fight         When people find themselves in an active shooter situation, panic and disorientation are common reaction, but knowing what to do ahead of time can increase people’s chances of surviving this type of emergency situation. One of the increasing action step is to run, hide,or fight. The phrase “Run Hide Fight®” is a ... Read More »

BC’s Men and Women’s Basketball Continue Winning

   Mountaineers dominate Johnson University on Tuesday, November 15, with a 99-68 win.   Lady Mountaineers defeated Johnson University in a 79-45 victory on Tuesday, November 15. Read More »

Farewell, Dear Friends

  Joshua Don Grooms, ‘18 West Union, Ohio. October 20, 1995 through August 18, 2016 Conor Andrew Sharp, ‘19 Kingsport, TN, October 10, 1997 through November 4, 2016       “May His peace be with you till we meet again Till we reach that distant shore And we’ll shed a tear no more May He give you strength to ... Read More »

Disaster Relief Efforts

By Talia Floyd News Writer Particularly after shocking disasters, there is a moment where seemingly everyone clamors to do whatever they can to help. It happened when Haiti experienced the devastating earthquake of 2010 and it’s happening now with Hurricane Mathew. Donations streamed into charities, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and nonprofits, some not as reputable as others. The urgency of natural ... Read More »

The Largest National Prison Strike in U.S. History

By Talia Floyd News Writer The United States has experienced the largest prison strike in its history this year and no one is talking about it. The strike began on September 9th of 2016. Prisoners in at least 12 different states and 29 prisons have missed or ceased going to work and in some cases participated in hunger strikes in ... Read More »

BC Students Reflect on the 2016 General Election Results

By Corey Bush News Writer On November 9th 2016, America woke up to the 2016 general election results. The Pinnacle had a conversation with Berea College students and their perspectives on the election. Charity Ryan ‘17 said, “I, as a woman, am very worried about Trump being the president. I fear for all of my friends who aren’t straight, white ... Read More »

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