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Night Runners–The Banana Run Club

Night Runners–The Banana Run Club

Corey Bush
News Writer

One of the new clubs on campus is the Banana Run Club where members can be seen jogging at night, some wearing large banana costumes, getting their miles in while aiming to provide a safer environment for students at night. It creates a safe space for walkers at night by just providing more eyes and ears and bodies for higher awareness, something many people may be grateful for in light of recent harassment accusations by passing individuals and automobiles.

The Banana Run Club meets daily at 10PM in front of Draper Hall to begin their run to Wal-Mart. Upon arriving at Walmart, the members buy bananas for all team members, then run back to Foodservice to eat. The club founders are Vincent Davis ‘19 and Zakary Scholtz ‘19. Scholtz started putting banana stickers he bought on his laptop, and used the opportunity to spread the news when people inquire. Currently, the club has about  27 members.

“We have an average of about seven people a night, with the minimum being three. New people join every day; you can do the club for whatever reason. Some people just want to walk at night, because it relieves stress. The club is a really great way to make a safe group to walk at night.” Scholtz said.

“If someone wants to join in, but not run, it’s not a problem. Every night there is a designated walker that will walk with the group of the rest of the walkers. They make sure everyone is accounted for in their groups. The club’s theme song is the tune of Hollaback Girl.

“Run to Wal-Mart and then run back/ Join the banana run club! Join the banana run club!” Scholtz said.

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