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Meet BC’s Newest Administrative Committee Member

In an effort to continue seeking the College’s Great Commitments, “. . . the kinship of all people and to provide interracial education with a particular emphasis on understanding and equality among blacks and whites,” (Berea College), the Board of Trustees recommended and appointed Linda Strong-Leek, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion. Strong-Leek’s appointment is particularly important because it is ... Read More »

A SHORT STORY “the purest one”

by Taylor Brown Creative Writer The warm air felt like caressing fingers through Charles’ hair as he drove through the city in his orange convertible. His sunglasses enabled him to look directly at the sun whenever he pleased, and the sun was bright today. At a red light he leaned back and smiled. Days like this were his favorite; ... Read More »

Black Judges Matter

Photo courtesy of By Taylor Brown News Writer Recently there has been news of an African American judge by the name of Olu Stevens being removed from a criminal case because he dismissed a 13 member all-white jury last year. Commonwealth’s attorney by the name of Tim Wine went to the Supreme Court to ask if Stevens had ... Read More »

Individuals Take BC’s Racial Incident & Safety Concerns to Social Media!

When several students are maliciously harassed and assaulted on campus by (yet to be legally identified group or individual), many students had questions such as: is this not a hate crime? Why is someone not arrested? Shouldn’t the FBI be involved? What happened to all the cameras around campus? President Roelofs and the administration took a proactive step and called ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor:

To whom it may concern, My name is Matthew Parsons, a senior Appalachian Studies student with a minor in agriculture. I am writing this as a formal appeal. Since being at Berea College, I have faithfully attended all required con- vocations. I have often attended more than what was required of me. This semester I have attended eight convocations. However, ... Read More »

Berea Responds to Racism and Homophobia

Taylor Brown News Writer On November 23, Berea College held a peaceful protest on the sidewalks in front of the President’s home. This pro- test was a response to the recent racial and homophobic harassments that have been made toward the minority college students by white men in trucks with the confederate flag on them. Racial slurs have been ... Read More »

Campus Dining Changes—All Eyes on the Administration!

The Pinnacle took random questions and concerns from students about Campus Dining services, and David McHargue, Director of Dining Services, discussed student concerns. Pinnacle: Does BC need more dining options on campus other than the Mountaineers dining and Crossroad Café, in order to meet the growing needs of students on campus? McHargue: The college has actually put plans into the ... Read More »

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