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Berea Has Gone Moist

Berea Has Gone Moist

By Taylor Brown
News Writer

On September 29th, Berea voters said yes to alcohol sales going moist for the first time ever. This means Berea will now allow restaurants to serve alcohol by the glass if the restaurant seats a minimum of fifty people and make at least seventy percent of their sales from food.

However, package stores and bars were not included in the vote.
Berea has tried this before with votes failing to pass in 2001, 2007, and just last fall. Although the previous voted were defeated, the Boone Tavern was allowed a license to sell alcohol by the glass since last October.
Although one is able to now sell alcohol in their business, it is still up to the owner’s discretion to do so. Some local restaurants, such as Mario’s Pizza, have come out and said that they still will not be selling alcohol since it does not align with their views.

The people of Berea will no doubt be affected by this the most, but the students of Berea College will definitely feel it, too. With Berea College still being a dry campus that does not allow alcohol whatsoever, one cannot help but wonder if this means they are one step closer to getting rid of that as well.

Senior TAD major Colby Black shared his thoughts on the matter stating, “The Great Eight Commitments are something Berea really tries to stay true to, so I really can’t see them starting to allow alcohol on campus. As much as I bet a whole lot of students are wishful for this, it’s not going to happen. At least, happen anytime soon.”

Austin Apsley, senior communication major, had this to say about Berea going moist: “I’m not sure how it’ll affect the college. I don’t think anyone [really knows]. We’ll just have to see the administration’s reaction once the vote is put in place and go from there.

“Economically, I think the town will prosper. There really aren’t any drawbacks in that area. Other cities who have gone wet/moist in the past have seen nothing but economic growth, which is good for everyone.”
Implementation of the vote could take up to 60 days, as that is the timeframe for applying for a liquor license in Madison County, although it may take longer for some if they need to retrofit their facilities to allow for these sales.

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