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Berea Fest

By Taylor Brown The Berea Fest happened this past Saturday, the 14. Alumni swarmed the campus, and mainly concentrated on the Fairchild lawn. The place was full of smiling faces and the little children of alumni running around the campus. The sun was out, even though it was quite chilly, and autumn was very apparent. It was a beautiful ... Read More »

HVZ Highlights and Lowlights

Photo adapted from forms.Humans vs Zombies By Taylor Brown News Writer Thee Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) game on the Berea College campus is quite popular. It’s a live action game where the people who are zombies try and turn those who are human. Those who are human hunt the zombies or try and keep themselves from being turned. Ben ... Read More »

Berea Golf Takes 8th in USCAA

Nate Metz Guest Sports Writer The Berea College golf team took to the USCAA National Golf Tournament at Penn State University this Monday and Tuesday, taking 8th out of 24 teams. Day one was not an easy adjustment for the Mountaineer linksmen, who found themselves in 9th after their first 18 holes on the blue course at the Penn ... Read More »

EKU threat raises questions about Berea College campus security

By: Richard Childers EKU’s campus was sent into alarm last week as a threat was discovered written on the wall in a restroom inside of Powell. Powell is a central building on campus that many students visit on a daily basis as it contains a food court as well as places to study. The threat was painted on the ... Read More »

Dana Unveiled—Q&A Session with Singleton Part III

By Lenox K. Pinnacle Editor Pinnacle: Dana now accommodates about 120 students; this is more than Deep-green (one of the most acclaimed residence halls with a larger space) can hold, was the goal to accommodate as many students as possible in Dana? Singleton: Deep Green has ~34,400 sf of living space and can accommodate 132 residents. Dana can actually accommodate ... Read More »


Photo courtesy of FRESH START BC By Taylor Brown News Writer .” As part of Berea College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), they have created the FRESH Start program. This program is also an acronym, where “FRESH” stands for “First-year Residential Experience Supporting Health” and it strives to help first-year students transition into college as smoothly as possible. This particular ... Read More »

the purest one

by Taylor Brown Creative Writer Mari stood on the balcony of her living room, barefoot and dressed in a simple white lace overlay dress, holding a glass of red wine. The breeze was warm, fresh from the lake not even fifty yards away from the house; it tousled her hair every now and then. The sun was setting, throwing ... Read More »

B-Linked to replace #Students

Katelyn Blair Guest Writer / Pinnacle Photographer Emails are an enormous part of the life of a Berea College Student, but, students will now be recieving a whole lot less of them. The system has now been changed to minimize the number of emails that students receive. This means that #students is a thing of the past (except on ... Read More »

2015 Halloween—Historic Guest on the Move!

Lenox, K. Pinnacle Editor   Whether you are very excited or very afraid, Halloween 2015 is likely to roll-in with an unexpected guest. On Saturday, October 31, 2015, the space rock named “2015 TB145” will give earth a Halloween flyby. The newly discovered asteroid will make this year’s Halloween a memorable one. This may sound like a scene from a ... Read More »

Dana Hall Renovations

Lenox, K. Pinnacle Editor The smell of new paints, a large terrace, new bathrooms, a spacious reception area with glass panels, or green lawns in front and on the roof all equates to one thing on the Berea College campus; Dana Hall and the evergoing renovations. Dana offers a deep and warm welcome at first sight with very good reasoning ... Read More »

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