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Berea College Dance Program Expanding

By Nate Metz Guest Writer The Berea College Dance program has been making serious headway over the last few years, but many people on campus may not be aware of all of the program’s new offerings. The BC dance program currently offers a variety of dance classes, many of which count toward the College’s required two PEH quarter credits ... Read More »

Berea College Child Development Lab Plans for Natural Playground

By: Katelyn Blair Associate Writer Photo courtesy of michaelheacock Architects The Berea College Child Development Lab provides a unique learning atmosphere for its children, providing interaction with students from all ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. The CDL has proven to be a leader on campus yet again by taking on a new project for the summer of 2015: the installment ... Read More »

“Lucky Break”

By Taylor Brown Photo courtesy of Tears cascaded down his cheeks as his stomach succumbed to the painful cramps of uncontrollable laughter. “So this is how it all ends…” he said to himself. Propped up against the door, Simon steeled himself against the searing pain in his left side; against the overwhelming fear of feeling the sensation of ... Read More »

Profile: Music Department at Berea College Inspires Students

Estrada Jansky

By Taylor Brown News Writer Photo courtesy of Berea Music Department. The music department of Berea College is a popular choice students choose to major in. Music is a big part of a liberal arts colleges such as Berea, and the faculty and staff who are part of the music department take their jobs very seriously. “The music department ... Read More »

The Dead

By Taylor Brown News Writer Photo courtesy of Ifephoto lift As I pushed on through the trees, fear intensified within me. I was petrified. They were in the streets and oddly, some buildings were on fire. There was screaming and I knew I couldn’t do anything to help anyone right now, future queen or not. I was in a ... Read More »

Campus Closing Due to inclement weather–a Conversation about Nature and Faith!

Lenox, K. Pinnacle Editor History, Nature and Faith–Summers can be scorching harsh, but winters can also be extremely frigid. The historical winter in the state of Kentucky and around the country including Berea, caused the College Board and Administration to close the campus on February 16th and 17th while gradually opening late for the rest of the week in an ... Read More »

Selma’s 50th Anniversary in Pictures

Lenox, K. Pinnacle Editor     Abraham Lincoln imposter crossing the bridge with BC’s family /a>; BC Family about to start their match across the Edmund Bridge President Roelofs Speaking at the CWCIE reception for the 1956 marchers Brown Chapel AME Selma Dr. Alicetyne Turley Speaking at the CWCIE reception for the 1956 marchers/a> Martin Luther statue at the Brown ... Read More »

50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Bridge Crossing!

Lenox, K. Pinnacle Editor BC and Civil Rights–On March 6-8, Berea College’s Carter Woodson Center under the leadership of Dr. Alicestyne Turley collaborated with some distinguished faculty and staff to organize a trip to Selma and Montgomery, Alabama for the Edmund Pettus Bridge Crossing Jubilee. Far back on sunny Wednesday of March 24 1965, in response to a national call ... Read More »

Women’s Basketball Takes Home Awards and Second Place

Cody Mousseau Sports Writer Photo courtesy of Berea Athletics During the week of March 2nd, the Lady Mountaineers drove up to Uniontown, PA to take place in the USCAA D1 Championships. The ladies were ranked third heading into the national tournament and went above expectations when they came in second place after a tight loss to Daeman College 78-75. ... Read More »

Men’s Basketball Takes Home Third Place at Nationals

Cody Mousseau Sports Writer Photo courtesy OF Berea Athletics During spring break, the men’s basketball team took a trip up to Uniontown, PA to compete in the USCAA D1 Championships. The team was able to take home a few individual awards, but the championship was the only thing on their minds. The men came out in the first round ... Read More »

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