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Berea During Wartime

by:Mason Darling News Writer photo courtesy of Mitchell Ramblings On November 11th, a national holiday floated past most of us, hardly ruffling the fabric of our daily lives, and disappeared until next year. Veterans Day or Armistice Day as it was known until 1947,  the day in 1918 when, as Kurt Vonnegut tells us in Breakfast of Champions, “millions ... Read More »

Anonymous Advertisement in Local Paper Raises Allegations of Voter Intimidation

By Mason Darling News Writer Photo courtesy of KFTC staff An anonymous advertisement posted in the October 23rd edition of the Berea Citizen Newspaper called into question College students’ right to vote in the mid-term elections as residents of the town of Berea.  The advertisement read in bold letters: “Consider these Headlines from Across America: Could Berea Be Next?”, ... Read More »

Hidden Truth

By Taylor Brown News Writer Photo courtesy of Jewel The weather was relatively dry today. It seemed like it had been raining every day for the past weeks. The ground was still visibly wet and the leaves on trees were still dripping. The sun was still hidden behind the clouds and there was no sky to be seen. ... Read More »

The Roaring 20’s Homecoming Weekend

By Taylor Brown News Writer Photo courtesy of This past weekend the Homecoming Dance was held. It was an exciting event for both students and alumni. The winners of the 2014 Homecoming court were as follows: Kayla Gibson as the Homecoming Queen, Kiefer Williams as the Homecoming King, Cameron Cole as the Homecoming Prince and Laura Abelquist as ... Read More »

Asian Studies Right Here In Berea!

By Taylor Brown News Writer Photo courtesy of Hutchins library. The Asian Studies program of Berea College has been going on since the year 1999. The program is fairly young compared to other programs the college has, but it has just as much of an impact on Berea College’s students and faculty as any other program. The Asian Studies ... Read More »

Lady Mountaineers Gearing Up for A Strong Season

Cody Mousseau Sports Writer Photo courtesy of Berea Athletics The Berea College women’s basketball team has now officially started their preseason. With the regular season just a few weeks away, practicing has now begun and preseason games are on their way. Head coach Trent Milby looks to take his girls all the way to the national tournament and will ... Read More »

Berea Volleyball Take Fifth at Nationals

Cody Mousseau Sports Writer Photo courtesy of On Thursday, October 30th and Friday, October 31st the Berea College Volleyball team played in the USCAA Championships in Canton, New York. Coming into the national tournament, the Lady Mountaineers were seeded in fifth place, and that is exactly where they finished at the tournament’s end. This is the first season ... Read More »

Be Bold, Be Bald Campaign

By: Morgan Stacy Associate Writer image courtesy of : On October 17, 2014, Berea College Campus Life hosted a cancer awareness and national fundraising event known as “Be Bold, Be Bald.”  It is a campaign that caused a lot of conversation around campus. It is important to note that all opinions are equal in worth, and that no opinion ... Read More »

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

By: Morgan Stacy Associate Writer photo courtesy of From November 15th, 2014 to November 23nd, 2014, Berea College’s Center for Excellence in Learning Through Service (CELTS) is partnering with Oxfam America, the Berea community, and Berea College organizations to sponsor an annual Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Even though our planet produces enough food to feed everyone, 870 ... Read More »

6 legitimate reasons why you should not join Teach for America

By: Amanda Crawford Editor-in-Chief photo courtesy of paramount pictures I hate Teach for America. There, I said it. I cannot literally not think of one program that is more un-Berean than Teach for America (TFA), the organization that puts recent college graduates (of any major) into some of America’s most underprivileged schools yet every single year, without fail, I ... Read More »

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