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Eagles Squeak by the Mountaineers

Eagles Squeak by the Mountaineers

Cody Mousseau
Sport Writer

The Berea College Mountaineers lost to rival Asbury University on October 1st by a score of 3-2 in a double overtime thriller. Our boys got off to a hot start and scored their only two goals in the first half, but the Eagles were able to mount a comeback in the second half and then scored the dagger late in the second overtime. The defense of the Mountaineers was incredible in the first half, but was not quite as effective in the second.

The game opened up with Berea’s defense making some huge plays and stopped any momentum Asbury was trying to build. Then, with 26 minutes to go in the half, junior Rafael Mendoza was able to get the ball past the goalkeeper. After that point, the ball barely came into the defensive zone and the game was completely controlled by the Mountaineers. 17 minutes later, with 9 minutes remaining in the half, freshman Chris Gaughan ripped one past Asbury’s goalie on a nice assist from Mendoza. The men were on a roll and finished out the half continuing to barrage the Eagles’ defense with sharp passes and solid scoring chances.

Halftime came to an end and both teams ran back onto the field to get the game going. Berea’s fan support was in full effect as the students started chanting and the parents followed suit. Asbury’s coach must have sparked some sort of fire underneath his players because they came out with fire and emotion that was not there during the first half, or if it was, it was not nearly as evident. Berea answered back as they were playing as fiercely as they were in the first half.

It was a back and forth battle until a very questionable yellow card was given to Berea player Qamar Shaker in the box with 13 minutes to go, thus giving the Eagles a penalty kick. They were able to capitalize and blew one past the Mountaineers’ goalie. With 9 minutes remaining, Asbury was able to tie the game up with another goal. It was all tied up and the men were headed to overtime. Neither team was able to score a goal in first overtime period and they were on to a second. Both teams were battling their hearts out and had some looks at possible goals, but unfortunately, it was Asbury who was able to notch the final goal of the game, giving the Eagles the win.

The Mountaineers, who now sit at 4-6, still have four games remaining on their schedule, three of which are at home. These are some critical games for the team as they need to chalk up some wins to see their way into the playoffs which start on November 5th. The team could really use the support of their student comrades to give them an extra boost of energy late in the season. Their next game will take place on October 14th against Kentucky Christian University, so make sure to go down to the field and show our team some love.


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