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Eating like a nillionaire

  It’s hard to be healthy when living with the stress of Berea and the budget of a Berea student, but it’s still possible.  While we may not have access to sleep, top of the line personal trainers or whole foods organic chakra-cleansing-super-duper-vitamins, we can still get by pretty well with the resources the college has given us, here’s 6 ... Read More »

Shut down shakes up Red River Gorge

When the government was shutdown, all national parks and forests were shut down too – save for the few that individual state governments put up the money to re-open.  The Red River Gorge, which is right in Berea’s backyard, contains Natural Bridge State Park, part of the Daniel Boone National Forest, numerous private campgrounds, climbing areas and small businesses. During ... Read More »

Convocation Review: Hot Club of Cowtown

On October 17, Hot Club of Cowtown performed at the Phelps-Stokes as part of the Stephenson performance series of convocations. The trio – consisting of Elana James on fiddle, Whit Smith on guitar and Jake Erwin on bass – performed hot jazz and western swing. Here are some quotes from students regarding the convocation.   1. Austin Lawson I neither ... Read More »

Government shuts down. Anarchy has its day.

On Monday September 30th, the United States government chose to close up shop after a 237 year run. In the ensuing confusion, with all frameworks that had previously mediated community standards and ethics having suddenly shattered and fallen away, America rapidly descended into violence and chaos. Nearly all businesses and homes had been ransacked by the end of day 2 ... Read More »

Berea College will accept undocumented students; Deferred-action designation will be required

After several years of advocacy by students alongside allies in the faculty, staff and broader college community, there will soon be a place for undocumented immigrants here at Berea College. After the May 2013 Board of Trustees meeting, the decision was made to admit qualified undocumented immigrant applicants to Berea College.   President Roelofs described the change, “Beginning for admissions ... Read More »

Hunger games entertains for a good cause

Ashley R. Harris Sports Writer A lot of preparation went into the Berea Hunger Games last month which was the first of what will be an annual fundraising event dedicated towards raising funds for Syrian refugee relief. According to Matt Walker, senior Bonner Scholar who has been working on the event since last year, “We tried to incorporate fundraising ... Read More »

RadLibs: Judi Bari

In the late 80s and early 90s, Judi Bari – a fiddler, folk-singer, mother and former union organizer – began to build alliances between environmentalists, forestry-workers and community-members opposed to the clear-cutting of ancient forests in the Pacific Northwest. Bari was one of the chief organizers for Earth First!, an eco-defense movement well-versed in non-violent yet disruptive tactics and rooted ... Read More »

In Your Own Backyard: Biking in Berea: The John B. Stephenson Memorial Trail

By: Rae Hartley Columnist There are numerous bike trails near Berea’s campus that are short, easy and enjoyable for beginners. The John B. Stephenson Memorial trail is just a few minutes ride from campus and is a nice, flat ride with many picnic spots along the way. . Eventually it will be part of a trail leading all the ... Read More »

Unilateral strikes undermine international law

President Obama began weighing options of a possible military strike on the Syrian government of Bashar Al Assad after the use of chemical weapons. Read More »

Network Questions Answered, an interview with John Lympany

by, Sandra Tombe Many members of the college community have been experiencing problems when trying to connect to the internet. “What’s with the new network, the isolation network, and the printing issue,” some of us have been asking. John Lympany, Chief Information Officer at the Technology Resource Center (TRC) answers some of our questions, explains some of the changes to ... Read More »

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