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Travelling Nillionaires: Adventure cheap in Appalachia

Appalachia is home to some of the best whitewater, climbing, hiking and exploring the country has to offer.  While more crowded than some areas out West, it has a “road less traveled” feel that can give you give you the sense of being a modern day explorer.  It’s easy to find yourself in a spot where you feel like you’ve ... Read More »

Question of the Week: Should US strike Syria? Why or Why not?

By: Boram Jeon   1. Joni Gibson (Child and Family studies/ Sophomore/ Sterns, Kentucky) “I don’t think it’s right for America to get involved in Syria when it’s really none of our business. I think we should stay out of it because we don’t need another war whenever we can barely even take care of our own people here.” ... Read More »

Syria: the rhetoric of selling war

“The strike will not be like a humanitarian intervention such as in Kosovo. It will also not be a direct intervention like in Iraq and it will not be an invasion like in Afghanistan. This will be a “targeted military strike”. It seems as if the Obama administration is running out of names for wars.” By: Rahim Akrami News Writer ... Read More »

News in Brief

Compiled By Willie Dodson As reported by Al Jazeera, The Huffington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, Democracy Now, The Telegraph and The New York Times. Wednesday, August 21st – A chemical weapons attack took place in a suburb of Damascus, Syria killing 1,429 people including over 400 children according to U.S. intelligence agencies. Syrian rebels blamed the government of President ... Read More »

Humility’s role in love

by Eric Gray, guest columnist      The Bible says–maybe in the Beatitudes–blessed are the meek. When Berea College puts up a sign that says “We Speak Love”, is that a sign of meekness, or are we putting ourselves on a pedestal and looking down at the “evangelists”?      I did not come in contact with any of the ... Read More »

Students attend 50th anniversary march on Washington: a reflection

By Lwamwe Muzima      I am proud of having been one of the Bereans who made it to the 50th Anniversary March on Washington.  I was impressed by the large crowd (the biggest I have seen so far in this country) and the racial diversity of the people who attended the event.   In fact, Americans of all walks of ... Read More »

Please do not feed the street preachers

By Willie Dodson      By now the consensus of the Berea College community is clear. No one seems to agree with these Pinpoint evangelists’ style of speech, and the majority are opposed – to varying degrees – to their message. Consequently, the chosen action of most students, faculty and staff has been to ignore and/or avoid our guests. This ... Read More »

Dispatches from the DOWN HOME DIVAS Dispatch #18 – Being real when the gravy is thin

By Ethan Hamblin      The gravy was thin.  Sister Ethan had dutifully fried up the sausage, added the flour with care, watching vigilantly for lumps.  Panic stricken, he called up his Nan on the phone.   Knowing it was her beloved grandson by the caller ID, Nan answered and said, “What’re you doin’?”      “Nan, this gravy is thin. ... Read More »

Two Years of South Sudan

By Sandra Tombe  At least three students were shocked by electrical outlets during the first week and a half of the semester in Deep Green, Berea’s newest female dorm. These shocks were due to student misuse, not to wiring, said Amanda Higginbotham, the dorm’s Residential Life Collegium in an interview.      According to Ms. Higginbotham, “thee students reported minor ... Read More »

Sex matters: “You put what in Where?” & other answers to sexual questions.

By Rae Hartley      Last year, while I was sitting in a gazebo, dreading my finals and excited for summer I overheard a girl worrying about whether or not she could get pregnant from swallowing during oral sex.  It was that moment when this column was born.  Such incidents may be laughable to you and you might even consider ... Read More »

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