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Life after Berea: Christopher Yaluma ’12 is making an impact

How do you leave footprints in the sands of time? What will people remember you for? These are questions that revolve around a common theme: impact. Winston Churchill is quoted as saying, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” This realization is often reached toward the end of one’s career, ... Read More »

Unearned privilege and how we can change it

On Tuesday, February 22nd, Peggy McIntosh held a lecture called “Waking Up to Privilege Systems”. This extremely well attended event was sponsored by the Carter G. Woodson Center. McIntosh is often credited as the founder of the collegiate women’s studies program and is outspoken enough, amazing enough and important enough to have had Rush Limbaugh say horrible things about her. ... Read More »

Buying Alcohol in Berea: Limited legality a possibility

Alcohol sales in Berea may be legalized in limited form if approved by the Berea College Board of Trustees. Boone Tavern Hotel, as a site listed on the National Register of Historic Places, could gain the ability to legally sell alcoholic beverages. This very issue was put to a vote one year ago by the East Berea Precinct, whose members ... Read More »

Rocky beginnings for the Mountaineers’ baseball team

Though the Mountaineers’ baseball team started off their season rocky since February 9th, there is still hope for a promising season as they currently hold a 4-7 record. Although Berea placed up a great fight against Covenant College and Reinhardt University, the first three games of the season for the Mountaineers’ started with loses on their record. In game 1 ... Read More »

Question of the Week: If you could design any course, no matter how abstract or obscure, to be offered at Berea College, what would it be?

“I would design a class that would be open discussion and we would talk about anything. The topics can range in any field; life, sports, the universe, religion, music, etc. That way everyone can just relax and talk openly and have different insights about life.” –Ashley Logan “I would like to see a class that is related to the Business ... Read More »

The Lady Mountaineers dominates the field with an undefeated record

Rained-out games have not watered down the Lady Mountaineers Softball teams’ explosive start in their season . They have yet to face a loss on their record. The softball team gracefully swept their season opener on the road Wednesday, February, 20th against the University of the Cumberlands. In the opening game, Berea was down 3-2 in the sixth inning. Number ... Read More »

Heat joins the “Harlem Shake” movement

As “The Harlem Shake” dance craze begin to dwindle down online, LeBron James and The Miami Heat reignites the trend and filmed their own official ‘Harlem Shake’ video. The tale of the Great King James and his journey of joining the Miami Heat was annoying enough. Back in 2010, the media made such a trending televised spectacle of James’ move ... Read More »

Model African Union

The Model African Union, a simulation of the proceedings of the African Union, was held in Washington D.C. during the week of February 21-24th. It was the 50th anniversary of the OAU/AU and thirty-three years of simulation of the OAU, now AU. It provides a unique opportunity for college students to study the role, structure and activities of the African ... Read More »

Dinner and Dialogue: Are we a post-racial society?

February 26, students of a variety of backgrounds joined together in the Carter G. Woodson center for dinner and dialogue about whether or not the U.S. is a post-racial society. After a dinner of Mexican food, discussion leaders, Waylon McDonald and Erica Scott showed a video from Fresh Outlook on ebru, the newest cable network that prides themselves on diversity ... Read More »

FEE Advocates for Education for undocumented immigrants

Diversity and equality are common buzzwords at Berea, but student organization FEE (Fighting for Equal Education) is striving for equality for another group, undocumented students. “Undocumented students are anyone who lives in the United States who does not have permission to be here,” said Maria Diaz, a member of FEE. Currently Berea does not accept undocumented students because of the ... Read More »

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